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This development plan is centred around three broad phases:

  • Community Investment: the focus of this phase is on laying the foundations and developing the infrastructure required for income generation and meaningful investment. This phase includes physical infrastructure as well as community systems strengthening and capacity development
  • Income Generation and Empowerment: this phase will focus on income generation and employment creation, including providing opportunities for individual entrepreneurship and enterprise, as well as community-wide revenue generation
  • Community Re-investment: the final stage of the development plan focuses on reinvestment of revenue and profits in community development initiatives, reinforcing community systems, towards the ultimate goal of self sustainability.

It should be noted that whilst these three phases are distinct with regards to their expected outcomes, they are highly interconnected and there will be considerable overlap between them, particularly in the early stages of implementation of the development plan, in order to accelerate progress and the realisation of outputs. Furthermore, in the long run, it is expected that activities within each of the phases will run concurrently, as the community investment and income generation activities are gradually subsumed by the community re-investment phase, with revenue generated being reinvested into additional income generation projects and the maintenance of community infrastructure and institutions.


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