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Concert in Support of TRADE

On November 19th, TOP Sound Gallery hosted a concert at Road Trip Nation, the profits from which have been donated in support of TRADE and another not-for profit, LESPWA. Visit Road TOP’s blog for detailed information on this exciting event.

On behalf of the Enkutoto-Elangata-Enterit community members, TRADE extends sincere gratitude to TOP Sound Gallery, and all those who supported the concert. For more information on the concert please TOP Sound Gallery Blog

Launching the TRADE website

The Trust for Rural African Development and Enterprise (TRADE) website www.tradenonprofit.org was officially launched on the 30 of Sept 2011.

Water Expert Visits the Group Ranch

A team of micro-hydro experts visited the Enkutoto-Elangata-Enterit Group Ranch in July 2011 to evaluate the opportunities for micro-hydro power generation on the group ranch and advise on the best way to tap into this valuable resource – so vital for community development and entrepreneurship.

TRADE and the community members are very excited as the team of experts found there to be huge potential for power generation through very low impact hydro schemes on the streams. TRADE has since sourced funding for a pilot scheme to be established and construction is underway. Watch this space for updates.