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Supporting the implementation of the Enkutoto-Elangata-Enterit Group Ranch Development Roadmap presents an exciting and unique opportunity to support a truly community-centric and driven development initiative. The strategy provides a blue print for enabling grassroots ownership of a development project and one that TRADE looks forward to becoming a future model for community development across rural Africa.

Get involved in this exciting opportunity and play your part, both to help redefine and re-focus community development in Africa, and make a real difference to the lives of the Maasai of Enkutoto-Elangata-Enterit Group Ranch.

Living in one of the poorest and least developed parts of Kenya, the Group Ranch members lack a number of basic necessities, many of which we take for granted. A small investment on your part really can change lives. You can make a difference by pledging your support and donating towards the purchase of one of the key items.


>Health Card Program
TRADE has recently initiated a Health Card Program to improve health service provision for community members on Enkutoto-Elangata-Enterit Group Ranch. Previously, there were no health records kept at any of the heath facilities, or by any of the community members. This poses major challenges for community members, particularly those with long-term illnesses or health problems, as there is no record of previous medical attention they have received. Clinic staff change regularly in this resource poor area and, with no health records to check back on previous treatments, health issues are not being adequately addressed as each time a patient sees a different doctor, their treatment is started from scratch. Help to support improved health in the area by donating 20USD to pay for the distribution of health cards to 10 community members.
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>Training Local Health Care Providers
Local Health Care Providers are community selected and based mid-wives entrusted with training and promoting health care throughout rural communities. These trained women travel by foot to outlying homesteads and deliver refresher courses at home, dispense medical supplies such as sterile bandages, latex gloves for birthing, train women how to set up medicinal gardens, safe water treatment systems and check on children’s health. $25.00 covers one month for one Local Health Care Provider plus supplies.
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>Sponsor a Seminar
TRADE provides Health Care Seminars by bringing in accredited Health Care providers from the United States and Nairobi to run three-day workshops to advance the knowledge and skills of the Local Health Care Providers. These workshops are on-going and progressive building on the past seminars so women receive a continuing education in mid-wife skills, hygiene, bone setting, wound treatment, diagnosis, disease prevention, and medicinal treatment.
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>Employ a Local Teacher for one Year
There is a severe shortage of qualified teachers in rural areas. Currently out of the 23 teachers working in the area nine of them are being supported by the Leakey Collection; the rest supported by rural families at great financial hardship. $1200 will pay a local teacher's salary for one full school year and relieve struggling families.
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>Construct Bio-gas Digester
Currently, schools provide lunch for school-going children but cooking is done on a wood fire, encouraging deforestation and wasting valuable resources. Bio-gas digesters are powered by methane produced from organic matter and waste, presenting a clean, low cost means of producing gas which can be used for cooking, amongst other things. At a cost of $2000 a Bio-gas digester can be constructed at a school to replace the current wood fired ovens. Cow manure collected from the children’s homesteads, or from school-owned livestock, is used to generate eco-friendly cooking power.
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>Buy a Dairy Cow
Support women’s business opportunities by helping to purchase a Boran/Friesian cross breed, a hardy and high dairy production mix, which enables production of between 3000 – 4000 litres of milk per cow per year. This would provide a continuous and reliable source of income for improved livelihoods and community rejuvenation.
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Larger Fundraising Efforts:

>Help build a Micro-hydro Power Plant
The lack of access to power in the Enkutoto-Elangata-Enterit Group Ranch is a major barrier to development and economic empowerment, significantly limiting both the range and level of enterprise possible. Recent research has shown that there is great potential for micro-hydro power generation in the area, with an estimated total of 10-15 megawatts which could be generated through construction of micro-hydro schemes on appropriate streams. Micro-hydro schemes are a highly effective and low impact means of generating power, enabling renewable power to be produced from small streams and rivers. For the entire group ranch to benefit from this clean renewable power source, four suitable micro-hydro sites have been identified, each costing around $250,000.


Shop the Leakey Collection Website:

Visit www.theleakeycollection.com

The Leakey Collection is a Fair Trade company that provides much needed work opportunity to women in rural East Africa.

“My life has changed drastically through my income, I manage my life and settle all bills. I pay school fees, feed my family members and buy goats, and have extra money for saving. Since my income I no longer have to suffer for lack of funds”.

– Nosirwai Ndurori, Group Ranch member and Zulugrass employee

The Maasai of Enkutoto-Elangata-Enterit Group Ranch, and TRADE, thank you for your generosity.

For more detailed information on TRADE’s work in the Enkutoto-Elangata-Enterit Group Ranch please visit the donor report page.



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