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Community Re-investment

The final stage of the development plan for the Enkutoto-Elangata-Enterit Group Ranch focuses on reinvestment of revenue and profits in community development initiatives, reinforcing community systems, towards the ultimate goal of self sustainability. The following outlines proposed strategies to be implemented during the community re-investment phase.

Revolving fund:
In an effort to promote long term sustainability, and reduce the need for continuous cash injections, TRADE envisages implementing a revolving fund scheme. This would enable access to funds and loans, services which are currently unavailable on the group ranch, for people wishing to initiate private enterprise.

Public Amenity Rejuvenation:
Whilst the development plan includes initiating a number of income generating activities designed specifically to enable revenue to be generated by public service institutions such as the schools, it is also recognised that higher cost items may require additional community support. Funds generated through community-wide initiatives will in part be redistributed equitably to all group ranch members and will also support the management of the group ranch. However, a proportion will also be set aside each quarter for re-investment in the community, focusing in particular on the public amenities and service institutions. Priority will be given according to need and assessed by representative community committees.

School Infrastructure


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