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Creating an enabling environment for sustainable income generation and community development
Maasai women participating in a TRADE community health workshop
Trust for Rural African Development and Enterprise (TRADE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development and proliferation of sustainable, ecological, entrepreneurial industries in rural Africa.

TRADE’s experience has shown that opening opportunities for employment, entrepreneurship and income generation, and supporting this with targeted and appropriate training and infrastructure, provides the catalyst for transformative change and real impact across all sectors of rural communities. Providing a dependable and sustainable source of income enables community members to improve their livelihoods, plan and save for future eventualities and reduces vulnerabilities by diversifying and expanding financial bases.

My life has changed drastically through my income, I manage my life and settle all bills. I pay school fees, feed my family members and buy goats, and have extra money for saving. Since my income I no longer have to suffer for lack of funds”.

Nosirwai Ndurori, Group Ranch member and Zulugrass employee

The community has come to be united and men have now recognised that women can be breadwinners –  they are appreciated”.

Nolari Lesisa, Group Ranch member and Zulugrass employee

Furthermore, providing opportunities for income generation has immense impact not only at the individual or household level but at a community-wide level – stimulating growth and expansion in all sectors through increased trade and commerce as well as bringing about improvements across the full range of development indicators through increased expenditure in basic needs such as education, health, sanitation, nutrition, etc.

“Providing opportunities for revenue generation, particularly for women as the sector of the population currently most marginalized from formal employment, bears dramatic positive impacts at all levels: increasing enrollment in schools, empowering women, improving relationships, building respect between men and women, improving nutrition and health for families and increasing investment in all sectors”. – Philip Leakey, TRADE Co-Director

TRADE’s base of operations is in southern Kenya on the west side of the rift valley among a population of approximately 8000 rural people spanning 1000 square kilometers, an area comprised of 6 community group ranch one of which is the Enkutoto-Elangata-Enterit group ranch with a population of 1800 where the initial focus of TRADE’s projects will be conducted. For more information regarding the group ranch please click here.